Glow :: ED Northampton :: "Swirl" w/Deep Seize (Sun, 5/5)

"Dance, and your veils which hide the light, Shall swirl in a heap at your feet." - Rumi

Dance is love, community, nourishment, inspiration, connection, bliss...

Let's dance together and start the week off in movement and magic. GLOW invites an early evening gathering of community to co-create a journey together... with a mix of local and worldwide teachers, DJs, artists, and musicians to weave a rich experience with a worldwide community and our local family.

..come together and glow with us! ✨


7:00 Doors Open 7:10 Welcome & Warmup Dancing w/Deep Seize 8:00 - DJ'd Wave w/DJ Journey Weaver 9:00 Live Musician Soundscape & Closing

❖ In honoring the dance and integrating the experience, we will conclude with humming of gratitude and silent departure ❖

💜Afterglow - gather with friends at Fitzwilly's for food & drinks!

Featuring : Deep Seize to guide us into our dance!

Deep Seize formed in 2014 when electronic producer, Wyatt Andrews, teamed up with handpan composer and multi-instrumentalist, Jed Blume. Working as a duo, the group has pioneered a new sound, which combines the worldly melodic lines of live handpan with the beats and loops of EDM. Deep Seize is based in southern Vermont and Western Massachusetts, and performs throughout the New England region.

Wyatt and Jed were very well received as musicians for a recent Greenfield contact Jam and brought such a rich rhythms and melodies into the dance ... it is a pleasure to have them playing in Northampton to inspire our movement magic!!

Learn more about their offerings at


"The Flex" The Northampton Center for the Arts 33 Hawley St, Northampton MA

Parking available in Lot beside building and along the street. Entrance in front and Hall inside lobby to the right.

Accessibility: The Northampton Center for the Arts is fully handicapped accessible. Contact NCFA@NOHOARTS.ORG for more information or assistance.


A twice a month dance journey to take us into self exploration and creative expression. We honor moving as the music inspires you in a judgement-free space designed to inspire easeful presence and energetic flow. GLOW is an opportunity to connect with your self, shake up your patterns, let free-form inspiration abound, and co-create a transformative experience.

Our upcoming offerings include... warmups of 5 rhythms, gaga, soul motion, authentic movement, afroyoga... DJs from boston, nevada city, guatemala, nyc, berlin, northamtpon, los angeles, goa, hartford, london, montreal, the bay area, salt lake city.... and live musician soundscapes with bells, didgeridoos, guitars, gongs, bowls, harps, kalimbas, violins, voice, piano, flute .... and much more!!!

Let carefully crafted musical journeys allow you to process emotions, exercise your body and mind, lift your spirits, and be welcomed by a vibrant local community as part of a global family in ecstatic expression. You can engage in the dance as you wish… through movement, meditation, expansion, observation, introspection, development, and connection.

You’ll be amazed at what emerges when you let go and just dance!