Ecstatic Dance Boston // Amplify Her // DJ Journey Weaver - Wed, 4/17

"If you don't turn it up she will" ~ Amplify Her

After the Northeast premier in Northampton last month this INCREDIBLE visual fest and sonic delight comes to Boston for a special screening with our ecstatic dance community!

AMPLIFY HER is a film, graphic novel, and animated motion comic series exploring the rise of female artists in the electronic music scene. Imagined and brought to life by more than 30 female creators from around North America, the 89-minute feature follows seven up-and-coming stars as they find their unique voices within a male-dominated realm. On the surface, it’s a story about women in the electronic music industry, but the film’s deeper message is the resurgence of “the feminine” in Western culture.

We'll show the film and then flow with the energy into a DJ'd ecstatic dance with Journey Weaver and close the night with a soundscape integration from renowned sound healer, Linda S. Davis. Along with tasty connection in our SereniTea Lounge with tea goddess Rosangela Folchini and co-created community poetry in expression... it's going to be a rich night of empowerment and movement delight!! 🌀


Welcome to Ecstatic Dance Boston!

Each month we'll be bringing you a multilayered dance experience... starting off with a movement class warmup featuring renowned instructors and facilitators, followed by DJ'd beats and music from dance floors around the world, and finally coming to a sound scape cool down integration with either live instruments, digital production, or vocalization.

Our featured guests will be a mix of local talent and familiar faces to international teachers and musicians. Enjoy connecting in our SereniTea Lounge, co-creating community poetry inspired by the dance, watch flow artists spin, relax with a chair massage, and network with new friends. We'll start and finish each night with brief opening and closing circles to ground ourselves and gather in our present space of learning, expression, and connection.


7 pm Doors open, Arrival 7:15 Opening Circle & Film Screening "Amplify Her" 8:30 Ecstatic Dance w/ DJ Journey Weaver 10:00 Sound Scape w/ Linda S. Davis 10:15 Closing Circle

"Amplify Her explores the stories of seven up-and-coming producers in electronic music — and it’s a true must-see for anyone passionate about females coming into power roles in the industry! The film, five years in the making, is a deeply emotional and intimate 89-minute look at the extreme highs and deep lows that these women face in pursuing their individual paths as DJs. The sacrifices, the tears, the laughs and the love for the music is all real."