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Financial Accessibility

We strive to make our events as accessible as possible to community members and those looking to participate in the magic and medicine of dance!

There are several ways to attend at reduced rates:

Ecstatic Northeast Dance Cards

Dance cards are a punch card you can purchase at the entrance to any of our events and offer 5 dances for $50... making attendance only $10 each event (regularly $15-25).  

Work Exchange

   Roles typically include: 

     ~ setup (2-3 spots)

     ~ clean up  (2-3 spots)

     ~ promotion (1-3 ongoing spots)

     ... and more! 

If you have mobility concerns, hearing or speech impaired, or have other challenges around engaging in work exchange please contact us directly and we can work something out. 

Work exchange who have not canceled, shown up on time, and focused on their jobs without needing to be reminded to do so we'll have be given priority.

Work-exchange roles are typically given full exchange to attend events for free.  Please apply and we'll be in touch soon, once accepted we'll add you to the crew facebook group and group message thread for each upcoming event.

     Apply Here

Please direct any questions to